The Music Makers - Performance


perform1The Music Makers perform at various venues around the Southern CaliforniaLBM56
area. The Ukulele and Guitar classes volunteer

to perform for schools, civic and private functions. During the Christmas Season, the groups perform for senior centers and nursing homes. The students want to bring joy and pleasure to those others. Performing in public allows the students to gain confidence with their musical abilities and to bring a portion of themselves to other people.

The Ukulele and the Guitar groups can provide music from many periods and styles. The also mix in other instruments in their musical performances. The musicians often invite the audience to participate in singing and dancing.

We believe that music is something that should be shared with the community to lift our spirits and let the cares of the day take a rest.

Please come and join us at one of our performances listed in the schedule below, they are generally free and open to the public.

Performance Schedule:

Date Time Performance Location Contact
JUNE 2017
7 Noon Cerritos - The Musical

Cerritos Senior Center, Cerritos, California

JULY 2017
22 6:00 pm

Japanese School

Japanese School, Norwalk, California

11 11:00 am Luau Cypress Senior Center, Cypress, California  

Performance Photo:

LBM47 LBM50 LBM3  
Long Beach Memorial Parents Against Cancer Benefit September 13, 2015